Fibre reinforced plastic


Wheeled garden seat for amputee

Finished seat Forming the seat cushion Underside of seat showing screw height adjustment and plywood board tool tray The client is an amputee and requires a wheeled seat to allow her to continue with her gardening.¬† The seat cushion needs to be custom shaped to suit the asymmetric amputation and have arms to help her […]

Toilet raising adaptor

Nichola, a wheelchair user with lower body paralysis, found difficulty getting on and off the toilet due to the difference in height between her chair and the toilet seat. Restricted movement meant¬†she was dependent on carers to undertake hygiene operations following toilet use. Any device needed to be light enough to be taken on holidays. […]

Modified toilet

A child with a leg disorder was required to have a steel brace permanently fitted. When seated on a toilet the diameter of the leg brace caused her to be seated off balance, resulting in her spine being twisted. A fibreglass moulded seat was manufactured with a suitable indentation to accommodate her leg brace. This […]

Child’s tricycle

Three year old Isobel has Rett syndrome and has very limited muscle control. She had outgrown the tricycle she had been using and needed good support for her body while she tried to kick herself along with her feet. The shape of her body was copied using the Burnett system and a fibreglass seat was […]