Commode trolley

Project  / Project number: 2005  /  Status:


The challenge

Commode trolleyThis young woman, weighing 30 kg, has a commode trolley with a specially shaped cradle inclined at a fixed angle. The angle of inclination needed to be varied so that the client would be more towards a sitting position. The existing cradle was also too high above the toilet.

The existing trolley was in two halves; the top section with the cradle, fitted rigidly into the lower part. A new lower wheeled section was made to support the cradle and designed to permit the cradle to fit as far over the toilet as possible. The existing top half was fitted with a hinged arrangement at one end. A small car jack was fitted, and modifications made to control the rate of descent.

The client and physiotherapist were both pleased with the new arrangement. The new trolley has proved to be a success.