Child’s vanity unit

Project  / Project number: DB-069-03 2005  /  Status:


The challenge

Child's vanity unitThis four-year old has spinal muscular atrophy. He has a special seat with a detachable table that provided essential support for him. His mother thought that he would benefit if he could have some device to allow him to clean his teeth and comb his hair.

A new table was made from thick polypropylene that replaced the existing table. A stainless steel bowl (type – dog for the use of) was let into it. A removable mirror on a stand was also fitted. This unit is easily interchangeable with the original table-top whilst the mirror once removed allows easy storage of the unused table.

The boy now has a new degree of freedom. He can wash, clean his teeth, and comb his hair by himself whilst being firmly supported in his special seat.