Modify foot rest of riser/recliner chair

Project  / Project number: BK2018/36  /  Status:

The challenge

pic 2 for report
Footstool with added hooks and handle.
Because of his height, the client finds that the footrest of his riser/recliner chair does not support his feet. The footrest cannot be extended, as was done in this solution.

The problem was initially considered as a modification of the footrest by adding a permanent hinged extension to the chair in order to support the client’s feet. However, the proposed solutions either required greater dexterity than the client possessed or interfered with other mobility aids such as his Molift Raiser. It was therefore decided to modify a standard wheeled footstool. Hooks were added around the cushion base, 2x long lightweight handles with hooks were made and a loop of cord was attached. The client therefore has several options as to how he can move the footstool in and out of position himself.


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