Fall protection for epileptic

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The challenge

 3.3 Padding fitted to toilet and bidet
Toilet and bidet
1.3 Mat showing additional strip of padding between the top and the blue edging using offcuts, to cater for raised lip of ceramic sink, and to ensure water drains back into the sink and not onto the user.
Kitchen sink
2.1 Offcut of mat used as desk protection
The client’s mother required protection around the home against drop seizures of her epileptic child.

For the toilet and bidet, closed cell foam protective edge strip (sold for packing of paintings and mirrors) were used. It is designed to absorb knocks, is waterproof and washable. By cutting pieces out of its edge, it was made to conform the the shape of the bowls.  Additional pieces were supplied for when the others are being cleaned.

The sink area is protected by a shaped pad cut from a thick closed cell physiotherapy exercise mat, designed specially to absorb impact. This is also waterproof and washable. It is colour-coordinated to match the kitchen. Holes in the left hand section allow water to drain through onto the draining board below.

An off-cut of the mat was used to protect the desk.

Additional protection was provided for use at school, see below.