Wide child gate

Project  / Project number: BK2016/65  /  Status:

The challenge

Retractable child gate
Client’s child gate
Gate installed
Gate installed
Unmodified retractor mechanism
Unmodified  retractor mechanism …
Modified retractor mechanism
… and after modification.
The client is a wheelchair user and needs a child gate to separate the kitchen and dining areas. The opening is wider than the widest commercially available gate.

The client purchased a spring-loaded 1.4m wide retractable child gate and wall extension pieces were fitted to make to opening narrower.

After fitting, the client found it difficult to close the gate against the tension of the rewind spring and to keep the tension clutch disengaged with the twist-and-push release knob.

A hole was drilled in the outer casing of the mechanism for a pin to be inserted to hold the knob in the twisted and depressed position.  Once the gate is closed, the pin is simply withdrawn to activate the tensioning mechanism.