Restraint harnesses

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The challenge

Crelling harness
Harness for use in vehicles
Harness rear
Harness for use while walking – rear view …
Harness front
… and front
Client is a very active adult with learning difficulties and uses a Model 28 Crelling restraint harness when travelling in a vehicle (in addition to the normal car seat belt) and a separate harness while walking (for the carer to have something to hold for guidance). The OT asked for a single harness for both duties.

After discussion, it was agreed to use two harness, as at present, but make them easier to use.

Three Crelling harnesses for use inside vehicles were modified with quick-release buckles to allow them to be fitted more easily to any vehicle.

A new harness, using a standard load-bearing vest (as used by soldiers and paint-ball enthusiasts), modified by adding webbing straps to the front and back for carers to hold, for use while out walking.  The harness is thin enough to be worn inside a vehicle underneath the Crelling harness.