Trolley walker with gutters and brakes

Project  / Project number: A34/086  /  Status:

The challenge

Fitting gutters to a tea trolley is a common requirement. On the older-style Bardon trolley, this is easily done by attaching the upper sections of standard gutter crutches. However, these trolleys are unbraked, and clients with balance problems may have trouble controlling them. The newer Days trolley walker is supplied with brakes, but the position of the handles precludes attaching standard gutters.

The two requirements – gutters plus brakes – can be met because both the Days trolley and standard gutter crutches use 7/8” diameter tubing. The brake handles are removed from the trolley and replaced by the upper sections of the gutter crutches (after drilling an appropriate range of adjustment holes). The original Days handles, with the brake levers reversed, can then be fitted in place of the original hand grips from the gutter crutches.

With this combination, clients can remain mobile while supporting their weight but with the reassurance that the trolley cannot run away from them.

Bournemouth & District panel ref. A34/086