Wireless hands-free alarm

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The challenge

Identified need
The client has no fine motor control of his hands but can use arms and/or head.  He is confined to bed and feels insecure at night as he is not able to alert a carer in another room or part of the house.

This unit is based on the Wilko Standard Portable Door Chime which comprises a bell-push and chime unit which connect wirelessly.  The finger push button is replaced by a wobble switch (Fig 1) to enable easy activation.  A simple adjustable clamp holds the wobble switch at a convenient location, eg on the bed headboard.  The chime unit (Fig 2) can be in any other room in the house, or garden depending on the number and density of walls and other obstructions.

wobble switch actuator

Fig 1: wobble switch actuator

chime unit

Fig 2: chime unit