Reduce height of commodes

Project  / Project number: BK2015/16  /  Status:


The challenge

clip_image002Original wheel

New wheel as deliveredclip_image002[6]

New wheels as modified

New wheels fitted

The client had been supplied with two commodes but, being only 4ft 9inches, she found the seats too high to use.

The commodes were fitted with large wheels so the seat heights could easily be lowered by installing smaller wheels. New wheels were purchased and modified to make the fitting method identical to the original. The seat heights were thus reduced from 49.5cm to 42cm.

A secondary concern was that the potty could only be removed from behind the chair which the user found inconvenient. The chair back was moved to the front and the arms repositioned and secured with cable ties to effectively reverse the chair and allow the potty to be removed from the front.