Special floor seat for tiptoe walker

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The challenge

The client is an 8 year old boy with sever tiptoe walking and needs to sit comfortably on the floor and maintaining his ankle at the correct angle to stretch his Achilles tendon and calf muscles. A special adjustable floor seat was designed with ankle support and a backrest. A Team GB seat was the basis which was mounted on a birch ply assembly which is adjustable in length with a foot assemble, also adjustable in angle (0 to 25 deg.). The foot part has a fixed 100mm section for the heel and a moveable 250mm section for the foot. An adjustable toe piece has been incorporated to stop the feet slipping forward and two ankle straps have been attached to the heel section. The straps are made of hook & loop tape for ease of use.

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Bristol Panel case ref. 1\15-10