Where can I get springs?

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The challenge

Terry Tomlin, of the Hereford and Gloucester panels, has passed the following information about a source of springs which could be very useful to members.  At the recent NAIDEX exhibition he came across the "Springmasters" stand.

This is a company specializing in the manufacture of springs of all kinds.

Of special interest to REMAP engineers is the fact that they –

a)  Have a very wide range of standard springs.

b)  Will supply singles or relatively small quantities ( minimum order £15, but if the desired spring is low value, the balance can be made up with "may be useful" springs.

c) Will make one-offs ( sheet metal springs can be laser cut, so no tooling required ) – typical minimum cost £ 30.

Springs are a specialist item which can be difficult ( though not impossible ! ) for Remap engineers to create.

He feels it would be worthwhile drawing members’ attention to the service which this company can provide.

They can be found at   – www.springmasters.com.  The contact on the stand was Carl Jackson.