Raise piano

Project  / Project number: BK2014/38  /  Status:

The challenge

Blocks to raise piano
Blocks in place
Sustain pedal bracket
The client required his upright piano to be raised so that he can play while seated in his wheelchair.  The sustain pedal must remain at the original height.

50mm high blocks were made from layers of plywood and faced with mahogany to match the piano.

A plywood bracket was clamped to the pedal to lower its action to near floor level. Because the upper surface of the pedal was curved, the lower surface of the top half of the bracket was hollowed out.  To ensure it conformed exactly to the complex shape of the pedal, the cavity was part-filled with epoxy filler, the pedal covered in cling-film and the bracket bolted in place while it set.  Once set, the excess epoxy and film were removed. The assembly then clamped firmly to the pedal.