Bus wheelchair ramp operating tool

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The challenge

7-14-09 bus ramp tool

The client is a bus driver with 1st Bus and walks with a stick. The double-decker buses have a standard built-in wheelchair ramp which is extended when needed by opening a small flap on the floor and deploying the ramp manually with a lever arrangement. This requires some effort and balance which the client was struggling to achieve whilst using his stick. A safe method of him operating the bus wheelchair ramp was needed as without it his job was in jeopardy.

A tool (pictured) was devised which lifts the flap and deploys the lever, enabling the driver to remain standing whilst operating the ramp lever. The tool is telescopic for easier stowage. Additionally, a small collapsible 3-legged stool was supplied as an alternative to using the tool if the driver wishes to operate the ramp whilst sitting. The choice of methods is dependent on the terrain adjacent to the bus door.