The challenge

Maria in room Communication aid and mount

Maria, a resident at the Scope Birchwood residential care home in Chesham, has no significant movement ability and is unable to speak clearly due to cerebral palsy. Wheelchair bound during the day, Maria uses an electronic communication aid to control equipment in her room, including lights, heating and TV; the device can also be used to access a mobile phone. She operates the device using her left knee — the part of her body over which she has greatest control — to activate a pressure switch.

Although the communication aid has text/symbol-to-speech capability, Maria sometimes finds it easier to communicate with regular visitors and Birchwood staff by pointing at a communication chart attached to her wheelchair tray. To make this easier, Remap designed and fitted a plastic mounting to secure the communication aid at the back of the tray, so Maria can use both the chart and the aid at the same time.

Maria outside

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