Single-handed bicycle brakes

Project  / Project number: BU/2013/014  /  Status:


The challenge


An eight-year-old boy, born with no fingers on his right hand, can ride a bicycle without problems – right up to the point when he needs to apply both brakes at once! Remap engineers designed and fitted this “balance bar” that lets him activate both brakes from a single lever.


One thought on "Single-handed bicycle brakes"

  1. Avatar West Mids Chairman says:

    I am concerned by this modification. It might be acceptable for a child’s bicycle under controlled conditions but is actually illegal in this country. The law requires that a cycle has two independent brakes. This modification has a single point failure mode where all braking is lost if the connection between the brake lever and the “balance bar” breaks.

    Much better to either use the double cable lever obtainable from cycle shops where two cables run from the lever to the cycle brakes, or a combination of one hand operated brake and a “back-pedal” brake.


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