Assisted feeding devices

Project  / Project number: 10/04/s & 11/04/s 2005  /  Status:


The challenge

Assisted feeding devicesThe client, who has motor neurone disease, had difficulty in holding his spoon.

This was solved by making a light aluminium frame with two apertures into which he could insert his thumb and forefinger, a spoon with an extended handle being taped to the unit. The other part of the system consisted of a hinged gate made from sheet nylon that was clipped to the edge of the plate by two clothes pegs and which could be drawn across the plate by the client using his free hand, thereby sweeping the food against the spoon.

Client benefited by being able to access all the food on the plate and in conjunction with his existing arm support is still able to feed himself solid food with efficiency and, more importantly, with dignity.

(Caithness & Sutherland)