Toileting support

Project  / Project number: BK2014/06  /  Status:

The challenge

Completed seat back in position.

SS parts and one of the two webbing straps.
Client requires support to maintain an upright position on her toilet at home. The style of the toilet means that the commercial toileting support systems cannot attach in the normal way (using the screws that secure the toilet seat on) because they would interfere with the toilet’s self-cleaning and drying functions.

The slatted seat back is attached to the pre-existing wall-mounted handrails by 22 dia. SS support poles with marine-grade end fittings.  It is easily removed or adjusted with thumbscrews or quick-release pins.  Two webbing restraining straps (only one shown) at chest and waist height hold the client in position.

A head rest can be fitting in the future, if required.

The client can now be toileted in a dignified and safe manner.