Stairlift leg support

Project  / Project number: BK2012/16  /  Status:


The challenge

Legs supported by board and client’s own weight

Cord restraint

Board stored when not in use

The client is a wheelchair user and must keep her legs straight. Her wheelchair has leg supports to achieve this, but her stairlift does not, meaning she cannot use it.

A new varnished plywood board rests on the stairlift seat to support the client’s legs while travelling on the stairs, held in place by the client’s weight .  The board’s freedom to movement is restricted by a length of cord that passes behind the seatback.  The board also serves as a transfer board to allow the client to move from wheelchair to stairlift and vice versa. The board can be stored when not in use and does not affect the stairlift in the parked position.