Baby Lifting Aid for Wheelchair-bound Mother

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The challenge


Front view

Front view – before adding the leg-strap

Rear view

Rear view before adding the leg strap

This client was a wheelchair-bound mother with one strong and one weak arm. She had a 6 month old daughter, and it was difficult to lift her up onto the client’s lap without putting a considerable strain on the child’s arm.

The client requested a harness with handles so that the handles could be used to lift the child. A rear fabric loop was also needed so that the wheelchair lap-belt could be slipped through and prevent the child from falling off the client’s lap. Ideally, the solution would be suitable for use over many months, not just for a 6 month old baby.


A toddler walking aid in the form of a harness and reins was purchased as a basis for the lifting aid. This was heavily modified by adding two handles on the front, shortening the over-shoulder straps, adding a rear loop and adding a between-leg-strap to stop the harness lifting over the child’s head. The harness was reversed for this application with the intended front of the harness actually being used at the back of our modified version.

Several photos of the modifications

Slide-show displaying several photos of the modifications