Ankle straps for pedals

Project  / Project number: SO50/09  /  Status:

The challenge

The client is a stroke victim, who uses a set of exercise pedals to exercise his lower legs and ankles. His feet slide out of the pedals. He requires something to restrain his ankles from sliding off of the back of the pedals.

The assembly was supplied with rubber ‘toe clips’ which were attached to the pedals with four screws. Lengths of 38mm wide heavy duty velcro were fitted to the pedals using the four screws. The client was able to fix the lengths of velcro around the back of his ankles and this prevented his feet sliding off the pedals. The velcro was cut to size leaving an extra 50mm tab on the ‘outside’ length’; a 50mm piece of the opposite type of velcro was fixed to these ‘tabs’ to provide a convenient grip to enable the client to undo the velcro after use.

The client can exercise consistently and independently.