Tamper proof car harness buckle

Project  / Project number: KW 879  /  Status:


The challenge

Hyper active child constantly undid seatbelt buckle and roamed the car, often grabbing the driver. The need was for a simple device which would permit the buckle to be used either normally or in tamper proof mode. It should not interfere with releasing the buckle in an emergency.

The original request was made more complicated by the need for any harness to work in conjunction with a child’s car seat, and also for it to be transferable to the school bus bench seat.

The solution turned out to be a very simple adaptation to a commercial harness. A cover in 16g steel, was attached to the tongue of the buckle latch. This had a simple keyhole through which car driver could insert the car key or similar to release the buckle but too small for the child’s finger to operate the release button. By turning the tongue through 180 degrees the buckle could be used normally.

The child is now safely restrained and the driver able to drive without constant worry and distraction. The buckle remains quick-release in the event of an emergency and the whole system can be transferred to another vehicle.

The child’s mother said that she had been both delighted and relieved to find a solution to what she thought was an insoluble problem.