Zimmer frame seat

Project  / Project number: EC 62/09  /  Status:

The challenge

The client has respiratory problems and really needs to sit down and rest in his small, narrow galley kitchen while waiting for the kettle to boil or microwave to finish cooking. There is nowhere to store a pull-out stool.

A fold-down marine ply perching seat was fitted to his existing zimmer frame to provide a suitable means of resting in the kitchen. A spare zimmer frame was cannibalised to provide two heavy-duty support bars plus the joint fixings for the new seat to rest on, and pipe clips were added to allow the seat to be stowed away while he is walking.

The client can now perch and take the weight off his feet while waiting for the kettle or the microwave. He can also wash dishes in the sink while seated. The modified frame is no larger than a standard frame, so it can easily be used in the limited space available.