Electric mobility scooter trailer

Project  / Project number: CAR-17/09  /  Status:


The challenge

An elderly lady with MS required a means of attaching her bicycle trailer to her electric scooter. She is a keen artist and requires a means of carrying her equipment.

A simple sandwich block was manufactured which fitted onto the rear bumpers of her scooter. The block was fitted with a tapped boss to permit attachment of her trailer draw bar. The trailer has a draw bar set at 45 degrees and a terminal head designed for rigid connection to a bicycle rear axle. A strong spring between the terminal head and the drawbar acted as a flexure facility. By simply rotating the terminal head it was capable of rigid transverse attachment to the sandwich block.

The client can easily attach/remove the trailer to her scooter and can now carry her painting gear with ease.

Electric Scooter Trailer 2Electric Scooter Trailer 1