Wheelchair camera mount & storage trolley

Project  / Project number: 22/NH07/045 & 22/NH28/045 2005  /  Status:


The challenge

Wheelchair camera mount & storage trolleyA disabled young man was unable to use his digital camera. The camera was needed at lap level to turn it on and adjust the settings but it needed to be elevated to see the LCD screen. A remote shutter mechanism was also required, as was a storage and transport facility.

A three tier table with remote shutter paddle, and friction universal joint for achieving pan and tilt. To store and transport the device, a bedside table with casters was modified.

He can now: Fit the camera to either of his wheel chairs, turn on and adjust the settings, adjust the tilt and pan to any position, focus and take photographs, download photographs to his computer, store and move the camera to anywhere he wants.