Wheelchair camera controller

Project  / Project number: WM/07/22/B 2009  /  Status:


The challenge

Wheelchair camera controllerThe client is a young quadriplegic man who wished to take up photography. He requested a tripod mounted camera and a separate tripod mounted viewfinder screen.

An electronic controller, a chin operated joystick and a cheekswitch were built to control a tripod mounted motorised pan-andtilt head and a digital camera. A 175mm LCD TV viewfinder was mounted on a second tripod. The joystick has two functions so that it can pan and tilt the camera, and then zoom the camera lens and operate the shutter release using the camera’s remote control function.

Changeover between the two functions is effected by operation of a cheekswitch. The joystick and cheekswitch are wheelchair mounted via adjustable arms. A metal case with foam inserts and a two-wheeled trolley were provided to transport and store the equipment.

The client is now able to enjoy taking photographs independently, and so his quality of life is improved.