Washing line adjuster

Project  / Project number: DB-111-02 2004  /  Status:


The challenge

Washing line adjusterThis lady is a wheelchair user and found it difficult to hang out her washing due to the height of the washing line.

An additional pole was concreted in halfway along the washing line and 4-armed rotating arms mounted at the top of all three of the posts. Operating cords were attached to the ends of the arms and secured to cleats on the poles at a suitable height enabling the lady to set the angles of the arms. To hang her washing out, she rotates an arm to lower the washing line. The arm is then raised to lift the washing up and secured using the cleat. The exercise is then repeated on other sections of the washing line as required.

The lady can hang up her washing from her wheelchair without it dragging in the dirt and dry it at a reasonable height above the ground.