Tricycle foot restraints

Project  / Project number: CAR-06-27 2008  /  Status:


The challenge

Tricycle foot restraintsConnor is a young child with extensive muscular dystrophy who was learning to develop limb movement. His parents had bought a tricycle system which incorporated seat belts and a push bar to help exercise and strengthen his leg muscles. However, due to coordination problems, he was unable to maintain his feet on the pedals.

Over-sized sandal type shoes were attached to the pedals so that the child can wear normal shoes which fit within the pedal-sandals.

The Velcro straps are only closed sufficiently to restrain Connor’s foot without preventing it from being slipped out if the tricycle were to be accidentally tipped over.

By having his feet effectively secured to the pedals his legs are now being exercised when he is pushed around by his parents. This adds greatly to Connor’s pleasure.