Toilet raising adaptor

Project  / Project number: CAR-07-01 2008  /  Status:


The challenge

toilet raising adaptorNichola, a wheelchair user with lower body paralysis, found difficulty getting on and off the toilet due to the difference in height between her chair and the toilet seat. Restricted movement meant she was dependent on carers to undertake hygiene operations following toilet use. Any device needed to be light enough to be taken on holidays.

A spacer seat, designed so that the seating height is the same as her wheelchair, was manufactured using fibre-glass materials and a standard toilet seat. It is held securely in place by clips which attach it to the toilet bowl. This permits transfer by simply sliding sideways between chair and toilet. A further feature is an aperture on one side which permits her to gain access for hygiene purposes.

The device now offers Nichola complete independence when using the toilet. The device has also been taken abroad.