Tall adult stair-gate

Project  / Project number: 0481 2006  /  Status:

The challenge

Special stair-gateThis tall client is unsteady on his feet and has jerky, involuntary movements. A tall (to chest level) stairgate was requested that would prevent him toppling down the stairs when moving from his bedroom to the bathroom at night.

The 1200mm gate was made from plywood and was lightened by cutting out panels with the result shown in the picture. As there was no satisfactory place to attach the hinges, aluminium channel with cutouts every 200mm was secured to both walls.

The gate is lifted and dropped 200mm into position, the channel thus securing the stairgate all the way to the top. Rubber buffers were attached to the top of the stairgate so that the wallpaper was not damaged when the gate was stowed away.

The client’s mother now sleeps soundly since her son is no longer able to fall down.