Ski carrier

Project  / Project number: DB-099.04 2006  /  Status:


The challenge

Ski carrierA 12 year old girl with dystonia is unable to walk but loves to go skiing with her parents. An adaptive ‘Bi -Unique’ ski had been purchased for her which comprises a seat in a space frame fixed on to a pair of skis via an articulating mount. Her parents found difficultly transporting it and the girl to the slopes.

A pair of axles with detachable rubber tyred wheels were made to fit via clamping bars on her skis. After wheeling skis and child to the slope, the wheels, axles and clamping bars can be removed. These clamp into a lightweight base carried in a rucksack by the parent as they ski and control the child in the adaptive ski.

The device enables the client to continue to ski and her parents to get her to the slopes with relative ease since she was growing too big and heavy to continue to carry both her and the adaptive ski.