Remote shutter release for digital camera

Project  / Project number: 7.07 2008  /  Status:


The challenge

Remote shutter release for digital cameraThe client is a keen photographer, but has limited use of his hands and fingers and now finds it impossible to operate his new digital camera. He previously fired the shutter on his old 35 SLR camera with a mouth- activated bulb connected to a cable release socket, but digital cameras do not have such sockets.

A remote infra-red release and a screw-on bracket /socket were tried but failed to solve the problem. Finally, a bracket was made to attach by Velcro on to the front of the camera, such that a bulb remote release could be attached to operate the shutter button on top of the camera. The bracket is quickly detached for normal use and there are no modifications to devalue an expensive digital SLR camera.

A keen photographer can now continue with his hobby, using the latest digital technology.