One-handed nail filing and varnishing

Project  / Project number: BK2022/020  /  Status:

Nail varnishing and filing stand-6501dddd

The challenge

After a stroke affecting her ability to use one hand, the client struggled to file her fingernails and varnish them.

The solution

The device is constructed from wood to give it enough weight for stability but designed to be reasonably aesthetic and not too bulky. The wood is sealed with a food-safe oil. It sits on a non-slip mat on any table.

Nail filling is achieved by a side-to-side motion on the multi-grade nail board. The nail board is held securely in a shallow well.

The varnish bottle is held securely in a deep well allowing one-handed top removal. The well dimensions are matched to the client’s favourite brand of nail varnish. The top/brush is then slipped into a spring clip where it is held so that the hand can be moved under the brush to apply varnish. Once varnished, there is inevitably some varnish overspill onto the finger, hence the cotton buds mounted at various angles to allow excess varnish to be wiped off.

The benefit

The client can now do her nails without assistance.

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