Pen-top remover

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Pen-top remover

The challenge

A jewellery maker who works with paper decorated using felt-tip pens has reduced strength in her hands due to Rheumatoid arthritis. She struggles with removing the tops of her pens and glue-stick and asked if we could devise something to help her do this more easily.

The solution

A gripping tool was made with different-sized sections for holding the tops of her pens, glue-stick etc firmly, enabling her to twist and pull the the pens away. The tool included a strap-wrench as an alternative and was mounted on a base so it could be screwed down or used free-standing. Downward pressure was all that was needed to operate the tool.

The birch ply was found in a skip, the aluminium and leather were scrap.

The benefit

No more struggling with tight pen-tops or having to ask for help.

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