Wheelchair Dolls Pram Attachment

Project  / Project number: BS 21/22-16  /  Status:

Project Image 1-b4d49618

Wheel chair with Dolls Pram attached

The challenge

Ellie has quadriplegic cerebral palsy and is wheelchair bound. She would like a pram/buggy to push her dolls around but cannot hold onto one and operate her electric chair at the same time.

The solution

A pram/buggy was sourced with pivoting front wheels and a single axel fixed pair rear wheels. A mounting block was fixed underneath the foot rest of the wheelchair that held the rear axle of the pram with the rear wheels off the ground. The pram axle was held in place with pivoting blocks that could be operated by the mother. This was very similar to Remap South Bucks project BU 17/11(2012) but with less sophisticated engineering for attachment as it was not considered necessary for a dolls pram.

The benefit

Ellie is able to go out and about with her dolls and pram under her control.

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