Smart Watch Charging stand

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The challenge


The HalfSun Smart Bracelet health monitor charging method involves the user clipping a plastic peg around the watch so as to connect two sprung pins to the gold pads recessed on the underside of the watch, shown in photo. The pads and pins are very small and the peg system has no alignment guidance.  Therefore even people with no form of disability struggle to connect it properly.  The challenge was to allow a 93-year old gentlemen who has good eyesight but no functioning right hand to connect the watch to be charged.

The solution

The provided charging clip was disassembled and the powered part fitted to a custom wooden stand. The stand allows the watch to hang freely, while precisely positioning its charging pads over the charging pins fixed to the top of the stand. The weight of the watch allows the pins to touch the watch pads.  The screen of the watch remains visible to the user at all times, so that charging connection and progress can be monitored. The client only has to drop the watch on the stand for it to work.

The benefit

The client can now easily charge – and therefore use – his smart watch, allowing him to monitor his blood pressure and heart rate etc. This supports his ongoing wellbeing.

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