Pushchair safety brake

Project  / Project number: 421-04  /  Status:

Pushchair brake

The challenge

To provide an automatic pushchair brake which is applied if the handlebars are released by accident.

The solution

The type of pushchair is braked normally by operating a foot lever which extends a pair of rods which lock into the rear wheels. An additional braking system was devised which operated a similar pair of extending rods using the same wheel features but this was a brake which mudt be held off normally by means of a lever mounted on the handlebars. Releasing this lever causes the braking rods to engage via springs. The brake lever was connected to the mechanism via standard bicycle brake cables. The springs were chosen so that the effort in holding off the brake off was not too tiring.

As an additional feature, a wrist strap was made to connect the client’s wrist to the handlebars.

The benefit

Gives the client peace of mind that the pushchair does not roll away uncontrollably.

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