Adjustable Wrist Support

Project  / Project number: WO18.09.21B  /  Status:

Photo 1 small-a1311048

Paul using the adjustable wrist support

The challenge

Paul loves using his computer with a glide point mouse (touch pad). The problem is getting, and keeping, his hand in just the right position to operate the touch pad.

He was using a combination of sponges to hold his wrist up. This photo shows a mock up (book) under the new wrist support to see how big the support had to be.

A further issue is that as the day progresses Paul slips down in his chair and needs his wrist support adjusting.

The solution

I provided a foam wrist support on top of an adjustable platform.

I also provided sticky back Velcro between the wrist support and the adjustable table, so that the position of the wrist support relevant to the table can be adjusted.

The purchased adjustable table was too loose so I dismantled it and packed the joints with various width washers to take up the slack, see the last photo.

The benefit

It is now easy for a carer to adjust the wrist support up or down my small amounts.

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