Shower step

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Shower step

The challenge

To help an elderly gentleman access the shower.

A particular requirement for this step was that it should be small and light enough to store within the shower cubicle when not in use.

The solution

A 100mm step was made with handrails each side.  The main object in the design was to make the handrails as secure as possible  The bases of the tubes were located in 75mm deep 1″ holes    (aluminium tube is normally supplied in imperial sizes)  drilled in the solid wood feet. These were braced side to side with ply crossmembers which also served to make the step firmer.

The handrails were covered in heat shrink tube often supplied for fishing rod handles.

1″ aluminium tube is quite difficult to bend but was completed on a Hilmor pipe bender with a 25mm former.  The handle required an extension tube to provide sufficient leverage to perform the bend and the machine was secured by means of a scaffold board braced under and over the legs,  the operator standing on the other end of the board.

The benefit

The handrails provide a sense of confidence and are very secure when the users body weight is on the step. They are especially useful for people with weak legs but good upper body strength.

Care is needed not to lean too heavily on the. handrail before stepping on.

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