Access to toilet

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Toilet with platform

The challenge

The challenge was to allow the child with leg amputation below the knee to access his toilet and allowing him to be more independent.
the client had some small steps that he could climb and get onto the toilet but he had no room to manoeuvre once he was on the toilet seat.

The solution

I made some larger steps and a platform that fitted around the toilet a little lower than the seat this allowed the toilet to function correctly and gave the client more room to manoeuvre around once he was by the seat. Their is a shower to the right of the toilet so a bigger platform would have hampered access to the shower, a large side has been fixed so the client knows where the edge is, their is a wall on the opposite side.

They are made from 3/4” and 1/2” marine plywood. Painted with exterior gloss paint. The adjustable feet are a screwfix item for furniture levelling.

The benefit

The client is now able to access the toilet when he likes and this is making him more independent, his parents are not having to lift him onto the toilet or off. The clients parents are pleased that their son can now use the toilet unaided, giving him more independents as he gets older.

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