Molift Raiser 205 foot plates

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Molift 1 LR-83e88527

The challenge

A Molift Raiser 205 is a type of hoist for lifting someone from a seated position. However, the client’s condition meant that her feet were prone to twisting and moving out of position for lifting which was uncomfortable for her.  Her OT had already come up with a good idea of trying a type of plastic medical sandal secured down with velcro but these tended to twist off during lifting too.

Molift Raiser 205 library picture

The solution

Harrogate and Ripon Group engineer Ian Midgley simply improved the solution with footplates made out of MDF and shaped to the footwells of the Molift Raiser, and secured with industrial strength Velcro, and the plastic sandals were attached to the foot plates.

The benefit

Correct foot position was maintained for lifting.

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