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The challenge

The client was a very accomplished water colour artist but found it extremely difficult to paint from her reclining chair, her MS condition required her to sit with her legs raised. She also loved reading and completing jig saws, both difficult or almost impossible  from her chair.  Her current over bed table did not have a facility to incline.

The solution

A suitable over bed table, 530mm x 400mm surface, was procured that had the ability to incline at an angle of at least 45 degrees.  A 50mm x 50mm aluminium angle was secured to the front, or lower edge of the table top, to retain books or pictures, etc. Casters were removed so that the table could be slipped beneath the reclining chair and the table base modified to ensure the table was stable and flat.  A separate table , 300mm x 250mm, was made and attached to the front main support leg of the over bed table with a rotating bearing arrangement so that this table stayed flat and rigid irrespective of how the main over bed table was inclined.  This separate side table could be rotated below the main table to minimise the foot print for storage.

A separate table top was made using 9mm plywood, 600mm x 500mm, and Tenura anti-slip material glued to the surface using spray contact adhesive (Dycem anti-slip material was an alternative).  Adhesion to the plywood is not very good due to the nature of the anti-slip silicone material so retaining aluminium edging was used to secure.  Two channel members were glued to the under surface of the table top so that it could be slipped over the main over bed table top and easily removed.  Objects (including jig saw pieces) will adhere to this surface even if inclined at 45 degrees.

The benefit

The client’s needs and wishes were fully met and they made a donation to more than cover the cots involved.  She can now paint easily with the picture inclined and with her paints and brushes readily at hand on the flat integral side table.  Using the separate anti-slip material board she can do jig saws on a flat or inclined surface, with the box of jig saw pieces on the side table, the board can be easily removed with a partially completed jig saw safely retained.

2 thoughts on "Modified Over Bed Table"

  1. Bailey Bolick says:

    This would work perfectly for me in my bed and wheelchair.

  2. Where do you live ? I can send details to your local Remap group.

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