Personal toilet facility

Project  / Project number: CAR-07-06 2008  /  Status:


The challenge

Personal toilet facility CAR-07-06Olivia, a three year-old girl who has had both lower legs and one lower arm amputated, wanted a means of accessing a toilet during the night without having to bother her parents. The house layout is such that the bedrooms are on the first floor whilst the bathroom is in the basement.

A portable “suitcase style” commode was made to hold a standard potty and a tissue box. A small battery operated light was fitted which comes on when it is opened. The case also has a padded top to act as a step-up to permit her to get in and out of bed without having to fit her prosthetic limbs. When not in use the case closes completely and is stored under the bed.

Olivia now has the facility she longed for and continues to develop her independence. The outer case is brightly decorated to be pleasing to the eye and has also been taken on holiday.