Temporary duvet support

Project  / Project number: 21/BE/602  /  Status:

The challenge

  The client needs to sleep on her back until the post-op swelling of her hip and thigh recedes. She also needs to be able to move her feet and legs in order to lessen the risk of deep vein thrombosis. Commercial duvet supports are available but they are expensive and bulky, and there is the problem of storage or disposal when no longer needed. This temporary solution was made from off-cuts and scrap, so the cost is zero.

The solution

The frame was bent from 2 metres of 3.2mm (1/8 inch) galvanised fencing wire as shown in the photo.

A ferrule was made from 10mm brass bar, drilled 3,2mm axially for 30mm, then turned down to 7mm diameter. Two 4.2mm holes were drilled at right angles to the axis right through the diameter to allow a tap to go through,  and tapped 5.0mm. Two grub screws from the oddments drawer were inserted.

This is easier done using a milling machine – keeps holes at right angles to the workpiece; also keeps the tap in line with the hole. The tap, of course, is turned manually.

An easier solution would have been to use an electrical barrel (domino) connector of a suitable size. Easy to be wise after the event!

The benefit

The project turned out to be even more successful than expected! The client is more comfortable, and every movement brings her recovery a step nearer. Her mobility is visibly improving every day. She was very grateful.

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