Drag brakes for rollator

Project  / Project number: BK2020/048  /  Status:

Saljol rollator-99102056

Saljol rollator with drag brake operators

The challenge

The wheels of the client’s existing rollator slip on a steep hill with a camber, meaning she sometimes has to cling to a signpost and wait for a passer-by to help her.  She did not have the strength to apply the brakes for extended periods going downhill.

The solution

The client bought a Saljol rollator which has a gearing mechanism (additional drag brakes) on the back wheels which allow it to go slowly down hill. However she cannot operate the gearing mechanism as it is foot operated, requiring good balance and repeated adjusting with each foot to obtain the correct amount of braking.  A light weight rod was added to each side of the rollator to allow the drag brake to be adjusted by hand without bending down.

Rod actuates the drag brake mechanism Rod at hand height Parts

The benefit

The client can leave her home unaided and in a safe manner.

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