Pedal foot retainer

Project  / Project number: 110/02 2004  /  Status:


The challenge

Pedal foot retainerA young girl with cerebral palsy experienced difficulty controlling her right leg. This gave her problems keeping her foot in position on the pedal of her tricycle.

A pair of regular sandals with rigid moulded soles and Velcro strap fastenings was purchased in an adult size sufficiently large to accommodate her own shoes. The sandals were then screwed to the pedals of the tricycle. The Velcro fasteners provided adequate retention of her feet combined with easy fixing and unfixing. The sandals also proved to be readily transferable at a later date when the young lady came to need a larger tricycle.

She is now in control of the situation and able to enjoy the pleasures of her tricycle with greater ease and safety and without the distraction of trying to control her wayward foot.