One-handed food preparation

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Melon held in belly vice

The challenge

The client had a major stroke and lost use of her left hand but still lives independently and wished to be able to prepare fruit and vegetables, specifically melon. A number of commercial aids are available, but none would hold a melon!

The solution

A worktop-mounted belly vice was made that would hold a variety of items: round ones like jars and fruit, and cylindrical ones like carrots. The base was made using a shop-bought chopping board, cut down, so that an existing food grade surface was used for the chopping section. A strip of wood on the underside of the base hooks on the worktop edge (like a carpenter’s hook) to hold it steady¬† when the jaw is closed by pressing with the stomach. A handle allows it to be easily lifted in and out of position.

A simpler version can be found here.

The benefit

The client can now prepare her food from scratch.

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