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The challenge

Lynne has poor strength in her lower body and finds getting on and off her sofa almost impossible. She thought the answer might be to raise the sofa, as we have done so many times before. But the sofa was a huge corner affair that would have been almost impossible to do either safely or practically. So another solution was required. There are a variety of possible solutions on the market including booster cushions, cushions designed to work with body weight movement, and mechanical lifting devices.  None of these worked for her.  What she needed was not only to sit a little higher than the sofa, but also have a way in which she could help herself up using her upper body strength.  The sofa offered none of these requirements but there was also no room to have an alternative chair in the room.

The solution

What was designed was a rigid softwood frame that had four features.  It spread the load of a seated person so as not to damage the furniture; it provided a firm and stable platform on top of the existing sofa cushions; it was sized for a booster cushion for both comfort and increased height; and finally it had rails at the correct width, position and angle to allow Lynne to raise herself helped by her arms and hands.  In fact it also had another significant advantage in that it was light enough for her to move to any seat in the house or even to take it with her when visiting friends and family, providing the same benefits, on the move.

The benefit

Lynne could not use her sofa safely by herself.  Now she has the ability to sit anywhere she wants with the confidence she can stand up when she wants, unaided.

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  1. MartinH says:

    A very interesting alternative answer to the many requests we receive to raise chairs and sofas! Nice thinking…..

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