Removable padding for bed-leaver

Project  / Project number: OX20/1516/123PL  /  Status:

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The challenge

The bed-lever needed a well padded removable cover. The client is always assisted by his carers to get in and out of bed.

The solution

A tea-cosy type cover for the bed-leaver was made using 2″ foam in a cotton cover, which fitted snuggly enough to stay in place, but was also easily removed.

  • foam was cut 450mm wider and 100mm longer than the rail.
  • a cover for the foam was cut from cotton fabric and the seams marked so it fitted well.
  • 3 bands, twice the width of the cushion, were made by doubling over one narrow and two wide strips and sewing along the long edges.
  • the bands were firmly attached to the outside of the un-made cover, up to where the side seams would be, the narrowest band at the top.
  • the cover was then sewn up and fitted over the foam to make a cushion.
  • the rail was placed over the the cushion and the sides of the cushion drawn round to the back, using the bands, so that the fit was not too loose and not too tight. The bands were pinned in place with safety pins (with difficulty).
  • the foam was then removed from the cover and the bands sewn together firmly, as pinned.
  • the foam was then put back into the cover and, after making sure the fit was right (adjustments were made), the opening of the cushion was sewn up by hand.

The benefit

The bed-leaver was padded when needed with a cover which was removable.

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