Nutria Feed Opener

Project  / Project number: CB2002  /  Status:


The challenge

A very active and independent lady in her 90s, has to have “Nutria” line feed overnight. But to open the feed, you have press down & twist to break the seal, and she lacks the strength and dexterity to open them herself.

Her granddaughter comes once a month and opens a month’s supply for her. Obviously this puts her at risk of infection, as the feed is no longer sterile when she uses it.

Remap was asked to produce a device to hold and open the feed packs, so that she could manage this task herself.

The solution

A hand held jig was made, to clamp the feed tube, and eject end cover.

The benefit

The client is able to open the feed herself each night. This both significantly reduces her risk of infection, and enables her to be more independent.

She wrote: “Thank you so much for putting me in touch with the man who made my gadget. I am now truly self-sufficient and able to feed myself.”

And the referrer wrote: “How wonderful. Many, many thanks. You have significantly changed her life for the better. Congratulations.”

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